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Passed event

It's (almost) all about shoes.
10th March, 09.30 CET
10 March, 09.30 CET

The Speakers

  • Joachim Fiedler
  • Philip Klein
    Head of Footwear Team / Product Developer
  • Oliver Schaub
    Product Developer

Programme & Discussion Panels

  • Footwear at FIDLOCK

    PANEL 1 (9:30 CET)

    An own team dedicated to footwear? Get to know FIDLOCK’s footwear team and learn how they use their passion for shoes to create innovative fasteners - ideal for footwear and other applications, such as apparel and bags. What is key to achieving unique ideas and inspiring new products? Going far beyond the borders of prototyping and testing! Join FIDLOCK TALKs to learn what exciting approaches that entails.

  • Pleasing customers’ customers: innovative footwear concepts

    PANEL 2 (approx. 9:50 CET)

    Funky, stylish, functional or elegant? Our footwear team loves thinking outside the box when it comes to innovating footwear, fashion and more! Get inspired by exclusive footwear concepts that demonstrate how FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners take the user-friendliness and recognition factor of shoes and other products to the next level.

    Previous event

    Premiere - Walk the talk: Magnetic encounters.

    10th June, 10.30 CET
    10 June, 10.30 CET

    We are thrilled to look back on a successful premiere of FIDLOCK TALKS in English - many thanks to all participants and for all the great feedback!


    We created the format FIDLOCK TALKS to provide an interactive platform for mutual inspiration and the exchange of valuable know-how. Therefore, we enjoyed receiving all the exciting questions and ideas from everyone.

    We dedicated two different panels to exciting topics from the world of product development: Our founder Joachim Fielder has gone into the biggest failures in FIDLOCK history - but he has also explained the value of these experiences and the lessons learned.


    Based on the example of the WINCH, Breido Botkus and Oliver Schaub from our product development department gave exciting insights into the world of research and design. They addressed the courage needed to come up with creative ideas and which approaches lead to innovations.

    We have compiled the most interesting insights from the panels and discussions of the first English event ,"Walk the talk: Magnetic encounters", for you here!

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